Tuesday, December 23, 2014

FCNPFFL: Super Bowl

Another season in the books!!

Thank you to everyone for such a successful season. We had a ton of points scored and at least half the league had championship caliber rosters by seasons end.

I will always look to tweak the rules a bit to make everything more fair for everyone and I think I will add in a second waiver draft per week next year. I might move up the first waiver draft to around 9pm on Wednesday, open up K/D to free agent adding up until 9am on Sunday (or Saturday if there is a Saturday game), but then do a second waiver draft at noon on Saturday's for those who didn't pull the trigger on Wednesday or have had injuries affect them throughout the rest of the week. This way there should be a full and active roster at all times.

Of course I'll put it up to a vote.

We can always (even if Jody is upset about it) re-vote on anything that didn't pass last year because people have stated that they might have made a mistake in voting this past offseason.

When I reach out to everyone in July we can revisit this topic.

As for the Super Bowl...let's get right to the recap:

I was vying for my 5th Super Bowl while my opponent, Mike, was looking for his 1st title. With both sides having some injury concerns, the final projection for the game didn't hit until Sunday morning with CBS predicting a 96-92 victory for Mike. One of us got near our projection...the other ran out of luck.

With 5 players each playing at 1pm on Sunday, it was expected that our winner might emerge from that. Neither team did much scoring, but I held a decent lead behind 14 from Arian Foster (who threw a TD pass), 13 from Jordy Nelson and the newly added Panthers D who clawed out 12 points. Mike got 8 from Randall Cobb, 7 from Jimmy Graham (who lost 8 points on a goal line TD/Fumble call) and 6 from Jonas Gray.

The 4:30 game between Indianapolis and Dallas was going to tell the story. Mike had Andrew Luck going while I had Tony Romo and an injured DeMarco Murray. By 5:15 the game was over. The Cowboys trounced the Colts in the real world and the fantasy world behind 28 points and 4 TDs from Romo and 11 points and a TD from Murray. All three players were done playing by the middle of the 3rd quarter and the Super Bowl title was back in my hands.

Final Score: Escaped Lunatics 87 Bookoo Barbarians 26

As for the 3rd place game:

Jason II/Ike got 17 each from Aaron Rodgers and Jordan Cameron along with 16 from Emmanuel Sanders to run away from John who had a game high 26 points from Kyle Orton.

Final Score: Myra's College Fund 82 The Situation 57

Final Standings and payouts for 2014:

1st: Jason $375
2nd: Mike $165
3rd: Ike $75 (via Jason II)
4th: John $35
5th: Luke $10
6th: Joel
7th: Nate $10
8th: Matt
9th: Ben $20
10th: Alex
11th: Jody
12th: Adam
13th: Nick B $10
14th: Nick G

So 8/14 took home some money which is always nice to see.

Nick G you are on draft board duties so no missing the draft for a hockey game/preseason Redskins game/etc.....

Until 2015...

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

FCNPFFL: Playoffs - Semifinals

So much for good teams scoring a ton of points. Just like last week, teams that had spent all season tickling triple digits barely scored half as much. I can't even chalk up the low scoring due to injuries, it's just been bad play all around. The games this week were a bit more competitive, but both decided before Monday night.

Waivers will still be ran late Wednesday night.

Thursday night is the annual FCNP holiday party from 5:30-8pm. It is also the time where I hand out money just in time for some late season shopping.

Please let me know if you plan on attending to pick up your $$ so I bring the right amount.

Onto the games:

My semifinal game was against fellow 17 year veteran of the league, John. He was the last Hardi standing after both sons were knocked out in the quarterfinal round. I got things started off properly Thursday night with a solid 16 point effort from the Arizona defense. Then the scoring dried up once Sunday's action started. During the 1pm games, I had 5 players going while John had just 3 players. The top scoring player of those 8 was Arian Foster for me who mustered just 10 points. The door was wide open for John during the 4pm games with Megatron going. Unfortunately the drought continued as Calvin and the Vikings D combined for a paltry 6 points and the left everything up to the Sunday night game for John to stay in it. He had his two Eagles going while I had DeMarco Murray. The Cowboys won and Murray outscored the two Eagles 20-17 and the game was over. Jay Cutler added 17 points on MNF to wrap things up. I move on to my 7th Championship Game (4-2 previously).

Final Score: Escaped Lunatics 77 The Situation 47

In the other half of the bracket, the was even less (or is it fewer?)combined points scored. Jason II/Ike took on Mike in a competitive, albeit low scoring affair. Things started poorly for Mike as Rashad Jennings re-injured his ankle after one carry. MCF couldn't take advantage as Isaiah Crowell struggled along with the entire Browns teams, scratching out just a single point. Luckily for both, their QBs were their teams strength all season long, but Sunday was not their best effort. Aaron Rodgers had his worst game as a professional at Buffalo finishing with just 9 fantasy points. Andrew Luck wasn't much better, but just enough better tallying 17 points. The game stayed close as MCF got 14 from the Giants defense, but Mike countered with a huge 15 point effort from Connor Barth. MCF needed at least 15 points from their kicker, Dan Bailey, to keep the game going, but he only chipped in 9 points. Game over. Mike moves on to his second Championship Game (0-1 previously).

Final Score: Bookoo Barbarians 59 Myra's College Fund 50


#1 Escaped Lunatics (Jason) 11-3 vs. #2 Bookoo Barbarians (Mike) 10-4

3rd place consolation game:

#3 Myra's College Fund (Jason II/Ike) vs. #4 The Situation (John)

In the other games from Week 15:

Luke took 5th place by beating his brother behind 30 from Drew Brees 77-50

Nate earned 7th place over Matt with 25 from ODB 80-73

Ben finished in 9th place by beating Alex with 25 from Dez Bryant 81-60

Jody claimed 11th place over Adam with an 18 point effort from Big Ben 60-52


Nick B destroyed Nick G relegating him officially to draft board dunce duties for draft night next year with 22 each from Tom Brady and the Bengals D.

Final Score: The Knacks 85 Lollipop Kids 49

So that's it...see everyone Thursday!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

FCNPFFL: Playoffs Week 1

The beginning of what I had assumed was going to be the best and highest scoring postseason in our 17 year history got started with a whimper. Even with a midweek trade to help bolster the rosters there was still a lack of scoring overall.

Neither of the quarterfinal games held too much drama even though one of the games was tied heading into MNF.

Waivers will still be ran late Wednesday night.

The FCNP Holiday Party is scheduled for NEXT Thursday 11/18!!! I will see everyone there if you want money...Luke bring me $50!!!!!!

Onto the games:

In our #4 vs. #5 seed game, with the winner facing me in Week 15 we had a Hardi civil war. This one wasn't close as papa John (can't believe I've never used that) took a quick 11-0 lead over Luke on Thursday night and never looked back. He got 25 from Kyle Orton, 16 from Megatron, 13 from the Vikings D and 11 from Randy Bullock. Luke meanwhile saw Drew Brees suck it up with just 14 points and saw Alf return to Melmac without scoring a single point. Justin Forsett and Mason Crosby did chip in 13 points apiece, but yet another 0 from Brandon LaFell and a measly 2 points from Antonio Gates just didn't get it done. Father owns bragging rights for another year.

Final Score: The Situation 92 Deathtongue 59

The other half of the bracket, with the winner getting to take on Mike saw #3 seed Jason II/Ike take on yet another Hardi in #6 seed Joel. On paper this game was close until midway through the MNF game, but in reality this game was over Sunday night. MCF was led by newly acquired Joique Bell (brother not helping brother) with 23 on Sunday and 10 from Dan Bailey. For Luke he had gotten 16 from his two Chicago Bears on Thursday, but lost Brandon Marshall for the season midway through that game. With both QBs left to play, Luke needed a heroic effort from Philip Rivers to stay close, but he only got 12 points leaving this game tied going into Monday. MCF had MVP candidate Aaron Rodgers left to play while Joel had the Packers D. Rodgers scored 34, the Packers D LOST 4 points. Yikes.

Final Score: Myra's College Fund 86 Nikachu 48

So the Super Bowl Bracket looks like this:

#1 Escaped Lunatics 10-3 (Jason) vs. #4 The Situation 10-4 (John)

winner plays

#2 Bookoo Barbarians 9-4 (Mike) vs. #3 Myra's College Fund 10-4 (Jason II/Ike)

Chalk has held and it should prove for some good semifinal action.

As for the Purgatory Bracket:

Nate took advantage of Peyton Manning's worst game as a Denver Bronco as he blasted Ben. Nate got 27 from Matthew Stafford and 14 from The ODB while Ben got just 6 points from Manning, but 23 from CJ Anderson who did all the heavy lifting for Denver.

Final Score: The Bounchers 83 The Magic Wands 57

Matt and Alex played what would've been a playoff classic if it was for a championship as Matt rallied from waaaaaay back behind 35 points from Matt Ryan late Monday night to offset 26 from AJ Green.

Final Score: Rainbows & Puppies 75 The Worthless Peons 69

So the Purgatory Brackets looks like this:

#10 The Bounchers 6-8 (Nate) vs. #6 Rainbows & Puppies 6-8 (Matt) with the winner claiming 7th

#7 The Magic Wands 7-7 (Ben) vs. #8 The Worthless Peons 7-7 (Alex) with the winner claiming 9th

And then there is the Toilet Bowl Bracket:

Our highest and lowest scoring games of the week were found here.

Adam took out some frustrations on Nick B (who could've also topped 100 points) by leading all teams in scoring. He got 37 from Cam, 23 from Julio, 21 from Lacy, 13 from Mychael Rivera and 10 from the Pats D. Nick B did well himself with 39 from Le'Veon Bell and 26 from Tom Brady.

Final Score: Biggums' 'Basers 108 The Knacks 84

The last game was low scoring, but at least it was close. Jody got 34 of his 54 points from Big Ben while Nick G got 33 of his 52 points from Julian Edelman and Colin Kaepernick. Jody avoids draft board duty for next year as it will fall to Nick G by default.

Final Score: DoggNutz 54 Lollipop Kids 52

The Toilet Bowl Bracket looks like this:

#13 Lollipop Kids 3-11 (Nick G) vs. #11 The Knacks 4-10 (Nick B) for last place

#14 Biggums' 'Basers 4-10 (Adam) vs. #12 DoggNutz 5-9 (Jody) with the winner claiming 11th

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

FCNP: Week 13 Results

There was no chance that Week 13 of 2014 could match the level of drama that 2013 brought us. There just wasn't enough up for grabs with one week to play. I don't think we'll ever see a MNF game that held so much at stake than that fateful game from last year. Thank heavens we weren't forced to watch the 'football' game that took place last night. When you are seeing references that read 'The last time .... happened was in 1953' repeatedly you know something weird has happened.

Anyways, another successful regular season has concluded (one of our best yet for overall balance and scoring) and I thank everyone for giving it a full effort.

Waivers continue into the playoffs and will be ran late Wednesday night.

Let's see how this season wrapped up:

I controlled my own destiny to lock up the league regular season title and #1 overall seed, but my team didn't make it easy. After a lackluster performance by newly acquired QB Tony Romo on Thanksgiving I left the door open for Adam to pull the upset. He get 18 from Julio Jones, 16 from Cam Newton and 10 each from Eddie Lacy and Greg the Leg, but still trailed by 7 going in MNF thanks to 29 from my RB tandem and 13 from Justin Tucker. He only got 6 from Chris Ivory on Monday and came up one point short.

Final Score: Escaped Lunatics 74 Biggums' 'Basers 73

I didn't have to sweat things out on Monday because Alex had already defeated Jason II/Ike on Sunday behind 22 points each from Mark Sanchez and Kenny Stills. MCF did get 28 from Aaron Rodgers in a losing effort. They have to settle for the #3 overall seed (thanks to overall points scored) while Alex concludes one of, if not his best seasons ever in this league.

Final Score: The Worthless Peons 78 Myra's College Fund 60

John didn't have too much to play for other than seeding as he was already locked into playing in Week 14 in the playoffs, but it didn't stop him from putting up big numbers against Nick B. With 21 from Megatron, 16 from Drew Stanton, 12 each from Dan Herron and Cody Parkey, John goes into the playoffs with a full head of steam. Oh, Nick B, you had such a good team wasted by not updating your lineup. With 25 from Le'Veon Bell and 20 from Tom Brady, Nick B had a good week, but by leaving his two Colts on the bench against the lowly Redskins he left 33 potential extra points on the bench...again. This should've been a playoff team for The Knacks.

Final Score: The Situation 96 The Knacks 69

Thanks to some shrewd trading I have to think that Mike is our clubhouse favorite to win a title this season. His team continued to dominated scoring the most points in the league for the 3rd time this season. He knocked Ben right out of the playoffs with a 134 point explosion. 82 of those points came from Andrew Luck and the Rams D while newly (you're welcome) acquired RB Rashad Jennings posted 21 to boot. Ben had a great season and might be the best team to not make the playoffs in our 17 year history (3rd in the league in scoring 37 points more than 4th and 119 more points than our lowest scoring playoff team!!!). He got 38 from Tre Mason and 23 from CJ Anderson...but oh the irony of a zero RB strategy that his non-RB's were the ones that let him down when it mattered most. Peyton Manning had a pedestrian 14 points and his WR/TE combo (w/o injured Julius Thomas) mustered just 16 points. Mike now needed a loss by Joel to wrap up the Critter Corner Division.

Final Score: Bookoo Barbarians 134 The Magic Wands 92

Joel took on Matt who really was playing just to avoid the Toilet Bowl with a division title on the line. Joel got all risky benching his starting QB in Philip Rivers for Josh McCown who had the perceived better matchup. That backfired in a big way. Rivers blew up for 31 points while McCown struggled to just 8 points. The Bills D did score 21 points and Antonio Brown hauled in 19 for Nikachu to try and offset that error. Matt got a surprising 33 points from DeAndre Hopkins and 16 from Alshon Jeffery to help offset his measly 2 points total from his RBs. Down 12, Matt still had 2 players playing Sunday night while Joel had just one. The Broncos D posted 15 points and Santos booted in 4 points while Joel got just 2 points from Travis Kelce. Matt pulls the upset costing Joel a division title, bye week and $$. Mike smiles.

Final Score: Rainbows & Puppies 77 Nikachu 72

I gave away the final playoff spot results earlier with my #RIPBeth spoiler alert commentary above, but Luke found his way into the big dance with a resounding victory over Jody, coupled with the loss by Ben. Luke got 36 from Drew Brees, 20 from a rejuvenated Seahawks D and 12 from Mason Crosby. Jody got 29 from Big Ben in a losing effort, sending him to another Toilet Bowl. Since Luke beat his brother Joel in their only meeting, Luke gets the #5 seed while Joel drops all the way to the #6 seed after going into the week looking at a possible BYE, brutal.

Final Score: Deathtongue 93 DoggNutz 51

Our last game of the regular season involved two non-playoff teams in Nick G and Nate. The Bounchers finished the season on fire with a 112 point effort behind 25 from Matt Stafford, 20 from Keenan Allen, 19 from LeSean McCoy, 14 from Matt Bryant, 11 each from Lamar Miller and the Texans D and a partridge in a pear tree. Nick got 14 each from Kendall Wright and the Colts D in the loss.

Final Score: The Bounchers 112 Lollipop Kids 56

Final Regular Season Standings:
#1 Seed - Escaped Lunatics 10-3 (Back Wall Champion)
#2 Seed - Bookoo Barbarians 9-4 (Critter Corner Champion)
#3 Seed - Myra's College Fund 9-4 (1063 points, split season series w/ Situation)
#4 Seed - The Situation 9-4 (987 points)
#5 Seed - Deathtongue 8-5 (H2H win over Nikachu)
#6 Seed - Nikachu 8-5
#7 Seed - Magic Wands 7-6 (1106 points)
#8 Seed - Worthless Peons 7-6 (862 points)
#9 Seed - Rainbows & Puppies 5-8 (H2H win over Bounchers)
#10 Seed-The Bounchers 5-8
#11 Seed-The Knacks 4-9 (886 points)
#12 Seed-DoggNutz 4-9 (874 points)
#13 Seed-Lollipop Kids 3-10 (Swept Biggums')
#14 Seed-Biggums' 'Basers 3-10


Super Bowl

#3 Seed Jason II/Ike vs. #6 Seed Joel (Winner Plays #2 Seed Mike)
#4 Seed John vs. #5 Seed Luke (Winner Plays #1 Seed Jason)

Purgatory Bowl

#7 Seed Ben vs. #10 Seed Nate
#8 Seed Alex vs. #9 Seed Matt

Toilet Bowl

#11 Seed Nick B vs. #14 Seed Adam
#12 Seed Jody vs. #13 Seed Nick G

With Adam missing the playoffs his streak of 6 straight years in ends and now Joel has the current longest streak at 3 years. He also goes from #1 Seed and Super Bowl champion in 2013 to #14 seed in 2014.

For the sixth straight year the FCNPFFL will have 3 or more different playoff teams than the previous year.

Both Mike (89.0) and I (89.6) eclipsed the reigning points per game scoring record held by John at 87.0 (set in 2010)

The last two #1 seeds have won the Super Bowl after it not happening ever before (at least since 2000)

In the 15 years of record keeping (98-99 lost in the great move from JMU in 2000) our 2014 playoff participants (in times made the playoffs; previous Super Bowl championships)

Jason 10;4
Mike 5;0
Ike 5;1
John 3;0
Joel 3;0 (in 3 years of participation)
Luke 7;0

So the Hardi clan has all 3 of their members in the playoffs, but they have combined for 10 previous playoff appearances without a trophy. With 50% of the field can they finally bring home a title after 37 combined years of playing???

Ike's only title came against me in 2004

I won the title in 2002, 2007, 2009 and 2011 while losing in 1998 and 2004

John lost his only Super Bowl appearance in 2010

Mike lost his only Super Bowl appearance in 2005

Luke and Joel have never played in a Super Bowl

As for draft positions and making the playoffs:

Our 3rd, 4th, 9th, 10th, 13th and 14th positions made the playoffs

Draft picks 1-7 went 42-49; Draft picks 8-14 went 49-42

Critter Corner went 9-8 against the Back Wall Division

Good luck to all those in the playoffs!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

FCNPFFL: Week 12 Results

Last week!!!! While most of the playoffs spots have been locked up, seeding has not. There is still a lot to play for throughout the league.

Best news of all...NO BYE WEEKS!!!!

Reminder to everyone as this is Thanksgiving week...there are 3 THURSDAY GAMES with the first one starting around noon so make sure to get your lineups set. I will be available for last minute kicker/defenses switches as always, if needed.

Waivers will be ran as normal late Wednesday night, so don't sleep in too late on turkey day and forget to switch in your waiver picks if need be.

Onto the games:

With everything on the line for me this week (win streak, division and regular season league title) my team came out dead flat against Jason II/Ike. The 49ers led me in scoring with just 14 points as my six skill position players mustered just one touchdown. As for Jason II/Ike, they scored a TD about 8 seconds into Sunday from the Philly D and then got 5 more TDs from their six skill positions. Aaron Rodgers scored 21, Isaiah Crowell added 20 and this game was over before it got started. We now have a tie atop the Back Wall Division at 9-3.

Final Score: Myra's College Fund 86 Escaped Lunatics 67

John bounced back with a narrow win over Adam this week behind 20 from newly acquired Kyle Orton (RGIII would've scored him just 4 and a loss), 19 from Cody Parkey, 16 from Ryan Mathews and 14 from the Chargers D. Adam had a good 2-man showing with 24 each from Zach Mettenberger and Eddie Lacy as well as 11 from the Patriots D, but just 14 more from his other 5 players.

Final Score: The Situation 79 Biggums' 'Basers 73

In our first of two current playoff teams vs. teams trying to get in, Luke and Mike hooked up in a high scoring affair. Mike had his chance to lock down a division title as well as keep his win streak in tact and did everything he could to do so. Unfortunately Bill Belichick, a sleepy Jonas Gray and a porous Saints D hindered his chances greatly. Andrew Luck led Mike with 20, Jamaal Charles stayed hot with 16 and Jimmy Graham and the Rams D add 15 points apiece. Jonas Gray who was late to practice didn't touch the ball or see the field for the Patriots and plummeted back to Earth with 0 points. Through Sunday Luke had nothing going on with 16 from the Seahawks D and 14 from Jeremy Hill, but Monday night got him 63 points from Drew Brees and Justin Forsett!! Not only did he beat Mike, keep his playoff hopes alive, but also notched $10 for top scoring team of the week.

Final Score: Deathtongue 107 Bookoo Barbarians 83

Our second game of 'in vs. out' saw Joel who had the opportunity to tie Mike up for first in the Critter Corner Division took on Alex who was just hoping to sneak into the 6th and final playoff spot. With 26 from the Bills stout D, 21 from Matt Forte, 18 from Josh McCown and 15 from Anquan Boldin, Joel did his part. Alex got 20 from a rejuvenated Bears D and 17 from Mark Sanchez but no TDs from his RBs or WRs cost him and probably ended his season.

Final Score: Nikachu 90 The Worthless Peons 74

Ben needed a win over Nate to stay in the playoffs with Luke's win. Now that he has two starting RBs his team is rounding into shape at the right time and even without Julius Thomas, Ben posted a win with the 2nd highest scoring team of the week. Peyton Manning had 29, CJ Anderson tacked on 23, Dez Bryant hauled in 17 and Gostkowski kicked in 11 additional points. Nate had a very good week as well with 21 from rookie superstar Odell Beckham, 19 from LeSean McCoy (too little too late department) and 13 from Matt Stafford.

Final Score: The Magic Wands 93 The Bounchers 81

Our last two games involved four teams already eliminated from playoff contention:

Jody beat up a scuffling Matt behind 23 from Demaryius Thomas and 19 from Alex Smith. Matt got 14 from Brian Hoyer, but an ugly -5 from the Broncos D.

Final Score: DoggNutz 66 Rainbows & Puppies 38

In the battle of the Nick's...it was G over B thanks to Nick B leaving in 2 BYE week players and an injured Victor Cruz. It's a shame because Nick B has so much talent on his roster too. Just replacing his 3 players with the 3 on the bench would've vaulted Nick B up to 97 points for the week. Instead Nick G earns a win with 18 from the Colts D and 16 from Kaepernick.

Final Score: The Lollipop Kids 67 The Knacks 56

Standings after Week 12:

#1 Seed - Escaped Lunatics 9-3 (Split season series w/ Myra's has 88 point lead)
#2 Seed - Nikachu 8-4 (Won vs. Bookoo in Week 2)
#3 Seed - Myra's College Fund 9-3
#4 Seed - Bookoo Barbarians 8-4 (1023 points)
#5 Seed - The Situation 8-4 (891 points)
#6 Seed - The Magic Wands 7-5 (Split series w/ Deathtongue; 1014 points)
#7 Seed - Deathtongue 7-5 (952 points)
#8 Seed - The Worthless Peons 6-6 (Can't catch Wands in points w/ only 784 YTD)
#9 Seed - The Bounchers 4-8 (847 points)
#10 Seed- DoggNutz 4-8 (823 points)
#11 Seed- The Knacks 4-8 (817 points)
#12 Seed- Rainbows & Puppies 4-8 (767 points)
#13 Seed- Lollipop Kids 3-9 (Swept Biggums')
#14 Seed- Biggums' 'Basers 3-9

Schedule for Week 13...with scenarios!!!

Jason 9-3 vs. Adam 3-9 (Win and clinch #1 seed, lose and need loss by Jason II to clinch)
Jason/Ike 9-3 vs. Alex 6-6 (Win and outscore me by 89 points or win w/ my loss to clinch #1 seed)
Joel 8-4 vs. Matt 4-8 (Joel- Win and clinch division, lose and well lots of things)
Mike 8-4 vs. Ben 7-5 (Game of the Week)...Mike win and loss by Joel to clinch division; Ben win to clinch playoff spot, win with loss by Joel and 3 way tie comes down to points scored for division title and bye
John 8-4 vs. Nick B 4-8 (John basically playing for seeding at this point)
Luke 7-5 vs. Jody 4-8 (Luke needs a win and a lost by Ben to get in)
Nate 4-8 vs. Nick G 3-9 (Toilet Bowl seeding/participation only)

It looks like Ben has the most interesting week ahead as he could finish anywhere from 2nd to 7th...Bye week to no playoffs. The Critter Corner division has the chance to get really fun unless Joel wants to be a party pooper and just win. Back Wall is pretty cut and dry as I still control my fate because of the 88 points lead...which of course is always a chance to overcome, but still slim.

If anyone sees something with the scenarios that I am missing please let me know. Good luck to everyone and have a Happy Thanksgiving!!! Safe travels if you are out and about. I should have FCNP Holiday party info soon enough. Luke you still owe me $50 with you $10 prize this week.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

FCNPFFL: Week 11 Results

With only two weeks remaining, teams have clinched a playoff spot while other have been eliminated. That is to be expected. It doesn't change the excitement of the final playoff push, though. There are still seeding issues to hash out and it appears a big battle for the last playoff spot as always. As a reminder, Nate backed in to the playoffs last year after losing in Week 13 when there was not one, but TWO ties that allowed him to keep the 6th spot and he wound up playing in the Super Bowl.

You have to be in it, to win it.



Waivers will be ran late Wednesday night as is the norm.

Onto the games:

I looked to run my winning streak to 8 against Nick G who had won once since the opening week of the season. On paper it appeared a mismatch and in reality it was just that. I was led by Jay Cutler who posted 28, the Cardinals D with 16, Alfred Blue with 15 and Jordy Nelson with 13. Nick G got 15 from Kaepernick in the loss.

Final Score: Escaped Lunatics 85 Lollipop Kids 38

The other Jason/Ike needed a win to keep pace before our big Week 12 battle, but he was up against a desperate Luke who was just trying to stay in the playoff hunt. At 6-4 Luke was currently on the outside looking in and although he got a decent performance with 16 from Brees, 15 from Jeremy Hill and 11 from Alf, he was no match this week. With 32 from Aaron Rodgers and 31 from Mike Evans, MCF rolled to their 8th win of the season. Emanuel Sanders scored 12 before leaving with a nasty hit to the head/shoulders as well.

Final Score: Myra's College Fund 95 Deathtongue 62

At 5-5, Alex was also in dire need of a win to keep his fledgling playoff hopes alive. He went up against John who still had his eyes on a division crown and this was a classic game. John got 16 from a terrible RGIII, 13 from the Dolphins D and 12 from Maclin, but lost Ahmad Bradshaw for the season with a broken leg/ankle, just as he was getting healthier with the return of Ryan Mathews who scored 7. Alex got 19 from Mark Sanchez, 14 from AJ Green, 12 from Marshawn Lynch and 11 from the Bears D to help offset starting an injured Reggie Bush. He still trailed by 2 points with just Justin Hunter left to play on MNF. Hunter hauled in 48 yards receiving for 3 points and a Peons victory.

Final Score: The Worthless Peons 61 The Situation 60

As hot as I have been in my division, the case could be made that Mike has been even more ablaze in the Critter Corner Division. He was looking to run his win streak to six games against Nate. Nate had as many players score in double figures (1) as he did score negative (1). That's not good. Not that it would have mattered because Mike crushed it this week, leading the league in scoring and more than doubling Nate's score. Getting 26 from Jamaal Charles and 23 from Andrew Luck is to be expected, but 43!!!??!!! from Jonas Gray was just icing on the cake. That's 92 points from those 3 players which would have been good enough for second best scoring total of the week alone. Mike stays a game back of me for #1 overall seed and keeps the pressure on Joel to stay one game back in their division.

Final Score: Bookoo Barbarians 118 The Bounchers 55

Joel took on Jody who (along with Megan who did most of the work) welcomed daughter #2 into the world on Sunday!!!! Congrats to the Fellows family!!! As for the game, Joel didn't ease up on Jody as he rolled through him behind 18 from Brandon Marshall, 14 from Matt Forte, 13 from Philip Rivers and 12 from Antonio Brown. Jody got 13 from Big Ben, 11 each from Roddy White and Phil Dawson and a beautiful baby daughter so he still wins.

Final Score: Nikachu 76 DoggNutz 45

At 6-4 Ben was currently in the playoffs, but he still needed to win to keep it that way. He battled Matt who has been struggling this season. Ben added another Bronco to his roster and then Denver went out and played terribly. Peyton had 21, but Julius Thomas was lost to injury while new addition CJ Anderson mustered just 7 points. Matt took advantage with 17 from Matty Ice and 15 from Alshon Jeffery to win this low scoring affair.

Final Score: Rainbows & Puppies 51 The Magic Wands 44

In our last game of the week, Adam squeaked by injury riddled Nick B. Cam Newton put up 23, Eddie Lacy posted 21 and Jordan Matthews hauled in 13 for the 'Basers. Nick, down two players and getting a 0 from a third in Garcon made a valiant effort on Monday night as he started down 32 points with just Le'Veon Bell left to play. Bell ran roughshod over the Titans and scored 27 points, but Nick B fell just short.

Final Score: Biggums' 'Basers 73 The Knacks 68

Standings after Week 11:

#1 Seed) Escaped Lunatics 9-2 (Back Wall Division Leader)
#2 Seed) Bookoo Barbarians 8-3 (Critter Corner Division Leader)
#3 Seed) Myra's College Fund 8-3
#4 Seed) Nikachu 7-4 (907 points, no head to head vs. Situation)
#5 Seed) The Situation 7-4 (812 points, no head to head vs. Nikachu)
#6 Seed) The Magic Wands 6-5 (921 points in a 3 way tie)
#7 Seed) Deathtongue 6-5 (845 points in a 3 way tie)
#8 Seed) Worthless Peons 6-5 (710 points in a 3 way tie)
#9 Seed) The Bounchers 4-7 (766 points in a 3 way tie)
#10 Seed) The Knacks 4-7 (761 points in a 3 way tie)
#11 Seed) Rainbows & Puppies 4-7 (729 points in a 3 way tie)
#12 Seed) DoggNutz 3-8 (757 points, no head to head vs. Biggums')
#13 Seed) Biggums' 'Basers 3-8 (671 points, no head to head vs. DoggNutz)
#14 Seed) Lollipop Kids 2-9

Schedule for Week 12:

Jason 9-2 vs. Jason/Ike 8-3 (Game of the Week)
Mike 8-3 vs. Luke 6-5
Joel 7-4 vs. Alex 6-5
John 7-4 vs. Adam 3-8
Ben 6-5 vs. Nate 4-7
Nick B 4-7 vs. Nick G 2-9
Matt 4-7 vs. Jody 3-8

Everything that wasn't in Week 11 is in Week 12 as Luke and Alex are playing for their season while the Jason's wage war.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

FCNPFFL: Week 10 Results

I'm sure I use this line every year but....

....and down the stretch they go!!

Ten weeks in the books, only 3 weeks left to get into the big dance. While we have our first official eliminated teams, I do believe there are at least six teams that can claim the title of league favorite to win it all and that's a testament to this league.

I do appreciate (almost) everyone continuing to make moves and set your best possible lineup each week. We all have good years and bad years, but playing it out hard all the way is a good thing.


Waivers will be done as normal

By the way, remind me to enact a new rule next year about the official drop dead time for picking up a kicker/defense. I believe I had stated midnight on Saturday in the past, but I think I will make it official next year. I have no problems making changes and it has become easier with smart phones, but there may be a time that I am unavailable on Sunday and I don't want to cause any problems in the league by making a retroactive move after a game has started because I missed an email/tweet/text.

Okay onto the games:

My team had as close to a 'bye week' as any fantasy team has ever had this week as I took on the depleted squad owned by Nick B. Between injuries and bye weeks, Nick B only started 3 of his 8 players. He tied the second worst scoring week in this leagues history with just 14 points (we had one zero for a team who fielded an illegal roster once). I got 28 from Jordy Nelson and 27 from the Cardinal D as I skated to my seventh win in a row without breaking a sweat.

Final Score: Escaped Lunatics 86 The Knacks 14

Since I moved to 8-2 John needed a win against Jody who has been playing lights out behind Big Ben with no wins to show for it. After getting 12 TD passes and going 0-2, Jody tried a new method to victory by having Big Ben throw for just one TD (albeit a bonus 80 yard TD). He did get 23 points from his QB, 16 from Denard Robinson, 13 from the Cowboys D and 10 each from Roddy White and Phil Dawson. John was looking to fill his hole at QB after Nick Foles went down and Mick Vick (who once carried John many a victory in the past) did quite nicely with 21 points. Megatron returned just in time to post 13 points, but John still trailed by 27 with just Jeremy Maclin and Cody Parkey to play on MNF. They could only scratch together 11 points and Jody got a much deserved victory while John falls a game back in the Back Wall Division.

Final Score: DoggNutz 78 The Situation 62

After losing last week to fall a game out the Jason II/Ike squad took Adam behind the woodshed this week. Not only did they lead the league in scoring this week, but they also posted a probable top five scoring week all time with 138 points (#3 all time is 141)!!! Aaron Rodgers scored 47 points in just over one half of playing, and the Eagles defense continued to be stellar with 31 points. They also got 16 from Emanuel Sanders and 14 each from Mike Evans and Frank Gore. Adam got 21 from Eddie Lacy, 18 from Cam Newton and 10 from Ben Tate, but go -7 from the Panthers D (a 38 point MNF defense swing!!).

Final Score: Myra's College Fund 138 Biggums' 'Basers 56

In the Critter Corner Division, Mike looked to stay red hot against Matt who needed a win just to keep any playoff hopes alive. Instead he nearly got doubled up as Mike won his fifth straight game to move to 7-3. Mike was led by Tony Romo who overcame busted ribs to score 28 points and rookie sensation Martavus Bryant added 21 points. Jimmy Graham continued to roll with 17 points (didn't Matt trade him away for magic beans earlier this season?) and Jamaal Charles tacked on 16 just for good measure. Matt did get 15 from Matty Ice, but it is Matt who is now on ice after this loss.

Final Score: Bookoo Barbarians 102 Rainbows & Puppies 52

Now the pressure was on Luke to keep pace with Mike to stay atop the Critter Corner Division. He had a tough test ahead again Ben and both teams came out swinging. There was a combined 224 points scored in this game and 10/16 players hit double digits. Luke was led by Justin Forsett with 23 points, but also got 22 from Drew Brees, 14 from Mason Crosby, 12 from Brandin 'Too Many' Cooks and 10 from Mychael Rivera. That proved to be nowhere near enough, though, as Ben got 39 from Peyton Manning, 28 from Dez Bryant, 16 from Julius Thomas, 15 from Terrance West and 12 from the Chiefs D...what happens when a 0 RB theory team, suddenly finds a RB??? Even though Ben might have scored a top 10 all time score in FCNPFFL history, he still lost out on $10 thanks to that 31 point effort by the Eagles D. I'm sure he'll take the win to match Luke at 6-4 though.

Final Score: The Magic Wands 131 Deathtongue 93

So two Hardi's had lost this week and Nate was trying to make it a clean sweep against Joel. Both teams needed this win to keep pace in the hunt for the playoffs. Matt Stafford was the games high scorer with 21 points for Nate, but he also had 3 players score 2 or fewer points. Joel got 16 from Kyle Orton, 13 each from Mark Ingram and Brandon Marshall and 11 from the Bills D to eke out a lone victory for the Hardi clan this week and keep him a game back in the Critter Corner Division at 6-4.

Final Score: Niachu 67 The Bounchers 54

Alex was hoping to keep his playoff chances alive with a victory over Nick G who was hoping to piece together his second win in a row in a lost season. With 39 points and 4 TDs from Marshawn Lynce and 24 from fill-in Mark Sanchez, this game was never really in doubt as Alex climbed back to .500 with the win. Nick G did get 14 from Kaepernick and 12 from Darren Sproles in a losing effort.

Final Score: The Worthless Peons 88 Lollipop Kids 49

Standings after Week 10:

1) Escaped Lunatics 8-2 (Back Wall Division Leader)
2) Bookoo Barbarians 7-3 (Critter Corner Division Leader)
3) Myra's College Fund 7-3 (Tied season series w/ Situation, owns points lead)
4) The Situation 7-3 (Trails Myra's by 70 points)
5) The Magic Wands 6-4 (877 points in a 3 way tie)
6) Nikachu 6-4 (831 points in a 3 way tie)
7) Deathtongue 6-4 (Trails Nikachu by 48 points)
8) The Worthless Peons 5-5
9) The Bounchers 4-6 (711 points)
10) The Knacks 4-6 (693 points)
11) Rainbows & Puppies 3-7 (H2H victory over DoggNutz)
12) DoggNutz 3-7
13) Lollipop Kids 2-8 (Both victories against Biggums')
14) Biggums' 'Basers 2-8

Schedule for Week 11:

Jason 8-2 vs. Nick G 2-8
Mike 7-3 vs. Nate 4-6
Jason Jr./Ike 7-3 vs. Luke 6-4 (Game of the Week)
John 7-3 vs. Alex 5-5
Ben 6-4 vs. Matt 3-7
Joel 6-4 vs. Jody 3-7
Nick B 4-6 vs. Adam 2-8

So no current playoff teams play each other. Who will falter?